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Secondary air injection problems 2000 auto V6

Hello, I recently got a fault code for a smog check on my 2000 V6 auto Mustang. The fault code (unavailable right now) was indicating that the 2nd Air Injection was receiving Low Voltage? Does that indicate a bad sensor/computer part other than a piece of the 2nd Air injection system as a whole without question, or do I bite the bullet and put the car in the hands of the nearest dealership and have them rework the car until it passes?

Its "Engine Maintentance Required" light has been on since 2001 (it is now burnt out due to the same 2nd air injection sensor problem, which does no obvious performance damage to the handling/ everyday usage) for this same problem, and it has become a serious annoyance when dealing with the DMV and mechanics who have never seen a problem with the 2nd air injection system before.

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