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Re: 02' V6 RPM's staying high while shifting

Originally Posted by bgagnon127
I have a 2002 3.8L Mustang and the RPM's are staying high in between shifting. I have cleaned the intake, replaced the idle control valve, made sure the throttle linkage is freely moving. Anyone got any ideas on this one? Thanks

If it's staying high between shifts -it's a combination of 2 things NOT related to idle. Emissions and the flywheel. THe 6 has a GT flywheel which is really too heavy for the engine & compression, this causes the flywheel to retain the RPMs between shifts. Also the engines are programmed to do so because the emissions are cleaner that way. A chip or programmer can take care of the engine run-on (but you may not pass emissions - for the 1st part, you'd have to swap to a lighter flywheel.

Now this is different from high idle, if it's idling high, that's a separate issue usually MAF, Idle Air Control, or a Temperature Sensor. If someone put in a 160 degree thermostat, that can cause it, as the engine never knows to turn off the elec`tronic choke.

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