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Re: Things I didn't notice on my new Mustang...

Originally Posted by JetBlack
No no no no, the sunglass case gets crammed in the cd box under your right elbow. It keeps them from flopping around when G's get too great. I keep the chamois behind the driver's seat and a 1 1/2 liter of Mt Dew beind the passenger's seat. They wedge in there pretty good because there is no "leg room" there. Even if the rear passenger was made only of skeleton, they would be uncomfortable. So far, no one has ever been back there, but me and that was to clean my back window. I realized I couldn't breathe and got out, only to realize the thing crammed back there with me, making it such a tight squeeze was a stray french fry. One person plus one french fry will not fit in the back seat. The french fry, all by itself is probably crowded. I never hear them complain tho.
Ahh c'mon its not THAT bad. You have obviously never sat in the backseat of a 911 hahah, try it, the back of the mustang is a living room in comparison. I frequent the backseat now and then with my gal and we do fine :thumbsup
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