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2012 viabration

Hello again... I have a viabration when the car is in natural, and at a idle.That tells me it's the flywheel... I called a ford dealer close to me and told him my story and he refused to have a look at the car and said to take it back to where you bought it.. That's 2 1/2 hr drive away???? I took the car back there and they took it for a drive with me and the viabration was there, we went back to the service office and he said first we will try the internet to see if anything should pop up with a viabration... he put in ford mustang viabration... it came up so quick, and the service guy read it out to me all the viabration was all on the internet as we just experienced it from my car???? what to do???? it said nothing!! it's normal???? so the service guy just recorded it and I now had another 2 1/2 hr drive home. I then called ford Co. Service for owners of mustangs or ford cars and all he said after I told him my problems with the car was.... What can I do for you today??? He said he can't fix my car but what could he do this day for me????? Well I guess we are all in the same boat together but, my option is just to trade the car in on another car but NOT a ford mustang.....Gotta call it the way it is....a lemon is a lemon.....

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