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Re: My car took up smoking today.

Originally Posted by Blind_Guardian
Filthy habit... anyways. I was on the highway today I heard a pop and then well smoke everywhere. I pulled over and popped the hood and got the heck out of the car. (Making sure to grab my iPod on the way out lol) I did a bit of investigating after i determined that it wasnt a fire. It turned out to be oil and lots of it. I looked under the car and can see it dripping from all over the place so that was no help. All I can tell is it is on the passenger side.
So, does anyone have any ideas as to what could have exploded on me?
Also when i pulled over it stalled on me.
It is an 86 3.8L

If this turns out to be something I cant afford to fix I will say bye bye mustang maybe sell some of the parts.

Thanks for any help

Sounds like you threw a rod . .. .

Best case - something punched a hole in your oil pan . .. .

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