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Re: Share those D'oh! Moments!

Originally Posted by iplaydat
As careful as we are with our new Mustang babies, sometimes our minds go on vacation and we do something dumb that we wouldn't want to bring up at the next family reunion. But we can share those moments here in relative anonymity. Since this is my thread, I will start. Who can top me?

Last week, I arrived home in the evening and parked the Mustang in the driveway, in front of my attached garage. The garage doors were locked, and since I just moved in I have not changed the lock so I can not unlock it from the outside. So I leave the car running, and go inside and make my way to go to the garage to move the Mustang. On my way to do that, I notice my wife is home from her week long business trip from London. So we start talking, and she gives me the wink and says let's go to the bedroom before the teenage kids get home for dinner. Of course I jumped at that, and forgot all about the Mustang running in the driveway. So then we have dinner, watch some TV, and we go to sleep. The next morning my kids get up for school(pretty early 5:30am), and I am woken up by my son yelling, "The Mustang is running in the driveway!". Turns out the car was idling all night long, for about 8 hours! D'oh! Double D'oh! I wonder how much wear that's gonna have on the engine? Lucky for me I live in a small town, so the car was still there the next morning. I still can't believe I did this, and now you all know!
Man, (long dramatic pause) That is, I mean, that is, WOW! Holy Crap dude. I think the only thing that comes close is parking your Mustang on a sandy beach . There just isn't enough expletives. The almighty himself is looking down upon you right now. Go out immediately and buy some lottery tickets. I'm not comparing you to the guy who parked is car on the beach don't get me wrong. You had a very valid reason. Your mind became clouded with thoughts of nookie. I personally don't blame you.

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