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Re: Share those D'oh! Moments!

I have to admit my friend, WOW does not quite cover it. You see my priorities are completely out of whack, for I do not believe there is a woman (nookie or not) that would make me forget about my Stang. I love women, but I love cars even more. But, I agree, go out and buy a lottery ticket or two, and when you win big, please share with the rest of us. Why you are at it, care to sprinkle some of that luck our way?

That being said, my turn for the story. I bought my car with the 20" wheels on it from the dealer. I had the car for maybe two weeks when I pulled up to a stop light for a left turn. I saw the island out of the corner of my eye. I noticed that the curb dropped away, like a driveway. But what I did not notice is that it went right back up a few feet away. Needless to say, when the light turned green, I turned the wheel left, stepped on the gas and SMACK!!! right into the curb. YES, I severely gouged the left front wheel, so bad that I had to replace the wheel. Yes, I did go stand in the corner for 20 minutes after that boneheaded boo-boo.
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