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I'm sorry but neither one of those stories has got nothing on what I managed to do.

Mowing the grass and needed to blow the clippings out from underneath my 05 Ranger STX. So I stick my right foot in the door onto the clutch and started it up. The truck was in 1st gear and started forward. When I realized I was going forward into the Mustang I panicked and let the clutch out on the truck which just made things worse and I hit the Mustang even harder than if I had just gone ahead and let the truck roll into it. At any rate I damaged the rear bumper cover on the stang. Needless to say I wasn't a happy camper. Let the car sit for a couple of weeks and decided to go ahead and get the Xenon body kit. While the kit was being installed I decided to get the FRPP lowering kit at the same time. While that was happening I decided the "mini van" wheels had to go, so ordered new wheels, tires. What the hell may as well change out the exhaust while I'm at it and install hood pins, paint the mirrors. I figure me running into the stang with my own truck cost around $10,000.

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