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Yeah I have decided against getting the new engine. no point spending a few hundred now and buying a new stang after summer anyway. I cant drive this summer so it wont be a problem.

It was a freeze plug that popped out and that was what was burning. The overflow was full of coolant and i couldnt check the rad so i figured it was just oil when i saw it under the car. After i was done in the city I got a ride back to my car with some oil and we started driving again but as soon as it got to hot i was burning away all that oil. The plug is alot of owrk to replace and I got alot of melted hoses and there is possibly even more damage. My temp gauge was saying i was ok but I guess not. Oh well there is a good chance I will have a nerw stang when i come home this summer.
I know someone who wants the bady f my car but doesnt want the T-tops. Why I dont know so I can keep the t tops to sell (anyone know what they are worth?) Also i can sell the parts i just put in. A week ago i did cap and rotor, and starter. And about a month ago the alternator. also the battery is brand new. SO if anyone is interested Email me @ [email protected]
That starter also has a 5yr warranty. It was bpught brand new.

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