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Originally Posted by Brian Mac
In the door 8X6 speakers there is a combined 3 inch midrange and a tweeter. This is how they say there are 8 speakers and it is also why the Shaker 500 sounds so bad. It's all bass and no mids. But, if you swap out the factory door and rear deck speakers with some Rockford Fosgate Punch Components, you will have the greatest car stereo you've ever heard. No other mods needed except a Infinity Basslink 2 in the trunk. You'll be the happiest man alive.

As far as the car, why settle?. Go to EBAY and type in 05 mustang and 06 mustang. There are many reputable dealers selling up there and it only costs about $700 to ship the car to you. You'll save way more than that, because there are great deals available because of COMPETITION!!! For instance, my Stage One Roush had a sticker value of 47G's and I got the car for 32K because it was an 05.

Take your time and get the car you really want!

What companies ship cars? So maybe I could call them before I have it shipped and they could estimate how much it would cost. Thanks for the idea!
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