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Oh man, mine was only a 180 and fortunately with no witnesses. Hit some sand on a turn with the TCS off and it went out on me - was heading right for the opposite curb when I decided better to spin a bit then nail the curb, so I just turned into it and came to a stop in the middle of the road - facing the wrong way of course.

Then quietly coasted away...
Originally Posted by samckernan
Well, several week back, while going to Federal Way in the Mustang, I managed to do a complete 360 on 405 Southbound just as I was merging from 520 Westbound.

The two right lanes of 405 were congested with the people that were in front of me on the ramp and some traffic that was already there. The two left lanes were wide open. I looked over my shoulder and there was no traffic comming from behind for a good 1/4 mile.

What do I do? I nail the gas, and shoot over 3 lanes. When I shift to third, the back end starts sliding out. I think to myself no problem, traction control will kick in and the engine power out will be reduced... I stayed on the gas... Only problem is, I turned off the traction control earlier and forgot.

Next thing I know, I'm doing a 360 on the freeway. As I'm spinning around, I'm watching the concrete barriers flash by... then I'm facing the wrong direction on 405... then I see the cars that I had passed pass me on the left. Finally, I come to a stop in the 3rd lane, the engine had stalled. I fire it up and take off checking my rearview mirror. Traffic was comming up behind me rapidly... Six seconds later I'm back up to 60 mph like nothing ever happend.

I'm sure everyone around me was impressed (not). Ever hear the term sewing machine legs? It's where your legs are shaking uncontrollably. Yeah that was me.

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