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Originally Posted by Red99Stang
yeah i looked at the detroit lockers. i cant figure out where to buy one though. whats wrong with the FRPP lockers? i found those on the internet. someone said once that u have to basically reinstall the locker like every 30,000 miles if u get that one...why would they make it that way? i dont even know if ill have it for that much longer anyways so well see (might move up to GT). i do mostly city driving but my share of highway driving too. i think 3.73s will do fine but if anyone doesnt think so then let me know. thanks!!
yeah, the FR unit is a clutch style unit, and the clutches generally last between 30-50,000 miles.

For the Detriot Lockers, go to the website, and call for the nearest dealer, or see if you can find a wholesaler near you.

The reason they make the FRs that way is NVH, and cost.

3.73s will work fine -if you have an auto, make sure you get the speedometer and computer calibrated.

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