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Originally Posted by Gro_oms
Doesn't dropping a the front more than the back increase Downforce? I'm not for sure so wait for KS' reply.
Has nothing to do with downforce. Downforce is an Aero issue. You get down force from spoilers, underbody aero treatment, etc.

HAs more to do with the roll center which is already below ground. If you drop the front a LOT more than the back, and you stand a greater chance of flipping the car around a quick corner or simply losing control.

On non-4-link, shock fronted cars it wasn't as much of an issue as it is with the Strut/4-link combo, which I really have grown to hate in comparison with my '68. the 68 was a LOT more predictable, if not quite as quick on it's tires. But a lot of that could be managed with tires, shocks, and weight management.

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