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Ok Guys heres mine. Last October I was pleasently suprised by a decent bonus from my boss. Spent a few days deciding whether to spend it on mods for the mustang or to by a beater for the winter and spare the GT the salt and shi--y roads of the NJ winters. So I decided to get the beater and preserve.

Wife and I are out cruising the used car lots when I finally find an explorer that is worth the cash. So, I tell my wife that this is the one I am going to buy. I also tell her to drive the mustang home and follow me. Of course that is after the 1/2 hour lecture of what not to do to my baby.

I finally get the keys to the explorer and the wife who was 7 months pregnant at the time asks me to bring the stang over to her since it was parked in a tight car lot and she was afraid to back it out of the spot it was in. So as I am doing this and she of course is watching I back into a concrete pillar holding a light post that was in the blind spot D'OH .

It killed me to think that I did this while looking for a vehicle to keep mine from getting screwed and scratched and especially after lecturing the wife. I still hear about it to the day. Total cost was $400.00 to repair the scratches in the rear bumper cover.

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