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leaving the car running for nookie isnt so bad...i was delivering some stuff to a church in this big ol van and i saw the cutest gal standing co pilot in the van dares me to talk to her so i pull the van in front of the church and start yakkin with her about how we're deliverin some old clothes for homeless folks and the conversation was goin know how your buddies are when they see you doin well with a hottie so he gets out and goes around the van to say somethin stupid( now that i broke the ice he feels he can talk to her...) so i get out to smack him in the head but i left the van in drive and all none of us notice that the van is moving until it picks up enough speed to smash into the church and my bud were watchin our toe nails grow for a long time on that one.

didnt even get the girl..i think we lost her when we started fightin but i'm sure we lost her when the van hit the wall

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