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Yeah, I realized that I don't have speakers in the back where I thought I did. I was reading alot of threads last night on speaker upgrades, and there isn't anything there in the coupe. The vert might have speakers there though, according to shop manual diagrams. Otherwise, yes, it is actually 2 speakers in the door above the subs. Only the 2 deck speakers in the back. I apparently saw that vert diagram, and felt the subs vibrating, and incorrectly thought I had found the mystery pair of speakers. Heh.

Speaking of those deck speakers: I am thinking of picking up a set of Pioneer's TS-A6881R.
Is the '4-way' worth the extra 20 bucks over the 3-way? Will I really notice a difference coming from the back of the car?

I was playing with my balance this morning, and man...those deck speakers are weak! The rest of the system, to me, sounds terrific! But, those rear ones have got to go!
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