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If you get anything that is 'out of the ordinary' like yellow, or red interior, or w/e you will always hear BS from ppl. When I had my GT yellow vert dumbasses were always criticizing, 'why did you get a convertible, why did you get yellow...' I was in highschool at the time and it was the nicest ride in school, (well one dude had an 03 Cobra) so I would just say 'uh huh.. and what do you drive?, oh jetta diesel? wana race?' So any time anyone said anything I would just totally bring them down because 99% of the time they were driving pieces of crap.

I haven't heard any ridicule yet towards my 06, but what could anyone possibly say when it is undoubtedly one of the most striking cars on the road, its quick, and there is NOTHING in the price range that even comes close to it.
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