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Originally Posted by PTLM4LIFE
.."why didn't you get a gt?"
Well, I felt lucky to be getting a new car at all, and then I felt really lucky to be getting a Mustang at all, then I felt lucky to be spending less on gas and insurance, and less on the sticker price of the car, and I felt lucky to be getting mine in 4 weeks vs. 12 for the GT.

Of course, if I DID get the GT (and to be honest, sometimes I wish I had), I'd feel lucky to get that lighter alum engine, the extra two cylinders, the extra sway bar, the extra muffler, the better rims, the better tires, the better tranny (manual)...

Either way I'm happy. I was driving a '92 Saturn, and this is my first Mustang in many years. The six has wet my appetite for the GT and my next vehicle purchase will likely be a GT.

Purchasing the V6 has left room in our relationship (mine and Ford's) for more excitement in the future.

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