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Originally Posted by PTLM4LIFE
just left my weekly texas holdem when i pulled up to the host's house (on my bike, it was 70 tonight) there was a white stang out front. it had the minivan wheels, side body and window louvers, dual exaust, no fender emblems and shelby stripes..i was impressed..then i walked to the front and saw the v6 front end..oh well, nice i sat down to begin the game (corona in hand, cinco de mio) i shouted out' "who owns the mustang out front?"...what began next i had no control over and never fronted i owned a gt...the cat calls started right away from the minivan guys ripping this kid "oh that 4 banger is his".."if you saved the $$ from all your mods, you could afford an 8"..this from a guy who owns a honda element(toaster on wheels)..the kid had no disrespect, but i just want to know how you v6 guys handle the "oh its a only a 6 cylinder".."its not a gt?".."why didn't you get a gt?"

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