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Originally Posted by sincitystang
Poco, I dont know if you knew that the 4.6 engines are also pretty durable. They use them in the towncar limos and the crown vics police packages. I have a friend who has a repair shop and he buys 4.6's to swap out on those cars after they get 250K on them. He says limos are common to get about 250K or more. I know fords new V6 engines in their Fusions are making more horses than the 4.0 motor in the stang. I think that v6 in the fusion is more like the mazda v6 they are putting in those cars. Maybe the V6 stang will get that engine in the future.
Yeah I totally agree with the 4.6 durability.They are a sweet design.Evertime I see a 4.6 they never have the same heads,there is always something better or just regular 2 valve heads.its mind blowing to see a 281 cubic inch motor with unlmited potential.I think no matter which engine you get v-6 or v-8 its nice having the best of both worlds.Now if I could just talk my wife into a new Fusion I could have both.

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