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Originally Posted by raptorv22
By explaining multiple times, in a slow manner of speech, that I am a high school junior, am lucky to even have a 6, and while I have 2k worth of mods on there, it still isn't close to what a GT would have cost. My parents were willing to pay $15k on a car for me. I had to pay $8000 of the car originally, I couldn't have put up another 10 for the GT. And, by the time I'm done modding the car, it'll still be less expensive than a stock GT, and look the way I want it to.

Besides, even if I had the money, the ford dealership near us wouldn't have sold me a GT. Not because of availability issues, but because the saleswoman I bought the car from was firmly against giving a 300hp car to a 16 year old. I can respect that. Even after a year driving this car, I still make careless errors. I'm a better driver than most of my peers, and I'd be scared if they were running around in cars that fast.

Besides, since I am around highschoolers, I can usually just point out, "It's better than the POS you drive."
You are fortunate to have a cool car.My step dad got me my first car for high school,a 67 Galaxie 500hdtp. w/390. that was back in 73'.I bet your v-6 has as much power as that old tank considering your power to weight ratio.
Its hard to believe that sales person would have the nerve to talk you out a V-8 car because of your age.You can never have a enough power.The first car I taught my son to drive was a 67'Coronet R/T 440 car with 3:90 gears.I did restore a 74'Ventura GTO with a 455 for his high grad. present and he still owms that today after 12 years.Funny though, his new ride is a new V-6 Mustang and loves the fuel economy.
Whats cool about your Mustang is all the memories you'll have about it.You can tell your grandkids about it when cars of the future will prolly be electric/battery or solar powered.

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