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Originally Posted by PTLM4LIFE
thanx nightrunner..r u kiddin me snogoldi.. when it comes down to this argument, u get what u pay 4..of course a gt cost more than a v6!...but why would you buy a v6 and dump tons of cash into it to make it look and sound like a gt??..i know some of you have financial constraints..but don't u guys with the stripes, louvers, dual exhaust, short throw shiftin v6ers even try to front in this forum..all us gter's know it's just penis envy..face it, ours is just bigger than can give me all the "size don't matter" crap..but it just gets you..and your tired of hearing it already..that is the point of this do you take the abuse!?!?
I think the only one with penis envy around here is you!

Get over yourself. Some of us who have 6's don't have this 'abuse' problem you are trying to put on them. Because we do not associate with people like you that live in this delusional world that becasue my car has more HP is is better than yours.

We all enjoy cars that is why we do this stuff. Just because we like and do different things doesn't mean one is better than the other just different.

OK I'm done.
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