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Originally Posted by sincitystang
I know fords new V6 engines in their Fusions are making more horses than the 4.0 motor in the stang. I think that v6 in the fusion is more like the mazda v6 they are putting in those cars. Maybe the V6 stang will get that engine in the future.
Off topic here, but I thought I would mention this. I own a '06 Fusion with the 3.0L V6, putting out about 221 hp; however, I am not overly impressed with it. Yes it puts out more horses than the 4.0L V6 of the Mustang, but it has a severe throttle lag and utterly lacks acceleration. I am hoping to find a SCT XCal2 tuner (or somehting similar) to eliminate or reduce that throttle lag. Overall it is a nice car, but it does not have the hp or the acceleration of the Mazada 6, and I am pretty sure the V6 Mustang (without mods) can easily take it. The funny thing is when I went ot buy the Fusion, the local Ford dealer was offering $5k off MSRP of ALL Mustangs, and I was truly tempted to buy a California Edition Mustang (a V6 with some nice options, like limited number, racing stripes, 17" wheels, unique trunk emblem, pony package front end, etc.). I already own a GT Vert, so this CE would have been my commuter car, to replace my Eclipse GT. But inthe end, the practicality of a 4-dour sedan (I have teenagers) won out over the coolness of being a two Stang owner. In hindsight, I wish I went for the Stang.
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