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Originally Posted by ssoss
Um, but the point is that some rich dude did NOT buy my car, I did. Don't get me wrong here, I love mustangs a LOT, but if some rich dude was gonna buy me a car, I probably wouldn't want a ford at all...

God, why is it so difficult to figure this one out. I bought the car I wanted, sometimes I think I shoulda got the GT, but ALSO I am quite happy with my V6, so stop sh1tting on my parade, OK?

Damn sometimes you guys just don't get it. What's it gonna take to get you to stop asking stupid questions like that?
startin to get my quote sparky before you quote it...i said if some rich guy was gonna buy you a mustang...not some rich was gonna buy you any car...when the hell did i **** on your parade anyway...did you read anywhere where i said the v6 was a bad car..? stop being such a lil ***** and admit that the gt is the upgraded says so in the brochure jacknuts.thats the only thing i said and thats a no way did i ever down the v6 you sensitive lil *****..dont ever call one of my questions stupid
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