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Originally Posted by snogoldi
I buy a car for these reasons:

1. Looks (my pony goods just as good as your GT, in my opinion better)

2. Performance ( I average 30 MPH going to work, why do I need a 300hp car? )

3. Reliability (It’s a "Ford" 79 Mustang worse car I have ever owned)

4. Cost ($8600 less)

5. Insurance costs (A little less)

6. Gas (A little less)

I have had only positive comments about my 2006 Mustang with the V6 Pony Package. The only negative comments are coming from GT owners on this forum. You Guys should be Ashamed!!!
oops i almost forgot about this one...look snogoldi, i gave the v6 a buncha smileys..i didnt say it was a bad car but since you chose to reply to my innocent smiley faces with a nghtrnnr we go got it cause looks are better? its the same body i guess i have to laugh got it for performance? i dont know what to say to that one..i'll let the other gt guys tell you what to do with 300 hp got it for reliabilty? its a new model...only time will tell brother..lets be real
4.5.6 hmmm all those points make me wonder why you didnt buy a sentra
...guys dont use my quotes to illustrate attacks on your v6s...never have you read anywhere that nghtrnnr attacks the mustang v6...i own one remember...i have 2 and v6...the v6 is a cool car...get off the high horse...i'm a fan of every mustang and mustang owner

ps..the title of this thread was "how do you v6 guys take the heat" answer....not very goddamn well
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