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Originally Posted by screaminyellin6
On a DynoJet I am around 321 rwhp , and it runs real nice with the Exhaust and 3.73's... Definitly surprises the crap out of nonsuspecting predators --- soon which become prey --- LOL

Honestly I love the S/C and adds a whole new world of fun to the game. GT's (v8's) are a blast too, but when I go to local meets, everyone hoovers around the S/C 6. Alot more unique IMO

But to each his own -- heck as long as it's your money go spend it how you like :kooky:
Hhhmmmm....okay work with me on this...I am already running approx. 355 hp on my V8 Stang, but can you imagine the looks I would get if I can run approrox. 330 HP on a Fusion (a commuter)? The possibilities are intrguing. I mean my modification bug is not limited to my Stang, my Fusion has its fair share of being tricked maybe add a supercharger...I am liking this.
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