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Was a joke

[quote=nghtrnnr]oops i almost forgot about this one...look snogoldi, i gave the v6 a buncha smileys..i didnt say it was a bad car but since you chose to reply to my innocent smiley faces with a nghtrnnr we go

You Guys should be Ashamed!!! Was a joke just like the smileys. I have had 15 new cars since 1972 and the 1-6 comments are for any car I purchase not just the Mustang. As your can tell from my signature and gallery this is my 4th Stang. This car brings back great memories of the sixty. Anytime a thread questions someones personal choice this will always bring on the heat. It sounded like you didn't like it when I said my car looked better then yours. But I said "in my opinion". Its exactly the same as saying "Why did you buy a V6 instead of the V8" the thread not you. Iam cool about this I hope you are too :thumbsup

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