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Originally Posted by screaminyellin6
That would be one sweet ride of a fusion.... I'd like that as a commuter DD any day of the week :smilie

Your GT is putting down 355 rwhp? or at 355 f(flywheel)hp? I'm not sure what my 6 would be at flywheel , but with an automatic.... I guess 320rwhp + drivetrain loss (15 to 20%) ? = somewhere 390 guesstimation

Most should not underestimate these 6'ers anymore... They can difintily run with the big big boys
Currently my Stang is approx. 355 rwhp. She is truly a pleasure to drive. But she is not my daily driver, so when I do drive her, she is that much more enjoyable.

As for my Fusion...I am really liking the supercharger idea. Heck my fusion has already got 18 inch chrome wheels with 245/45ZR18 tires, 5% black tinted windows, a painted rear spoiler, a K&N high flow air filter, 3" chrome exhaust pipes, custom floor mats and a real wood dash kit. So in my humble opnion, a supercharger would top off the daily commuter, but then I would be forced to get a supercharger for the Stang as well.
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