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Originally Posted by mrvandermey
Currently my Stang is approx. 355 rwhp. She is truly a pleasure to drive. But she is not my daily driver, so when I do drive her, she is that much more enjoyable.

As for my Fusion...I am really liking the supercharger idea. Heck my fusion has already got 18 inch chrome wheels with 245/45ZR18 tires, 5% black tinted windows, a painted rear spoiler, a K&N high flow air filter, 3" chrome exhaust pipes, custom floor mats and a real wood dash kit. So in my humble opnion, a supercharger would top off the daily commuter, but then I would be forced to get a supercharger for the Stang as well.
Wow... you are one seriously cool Dad! Teenagers in the house and you have a Mustang GT, and Fusion that you want to put a supercharger on!!! Hopefully I'm as cool when my son grows up.

Anyway... I don't think anyone really was trying to attack anyone here... except for maybe PTLM4Life... but I think he was just trying to "push buttons". Like at his poker game... you do it to force other players to make mistakes and play on tilt... Thing is we all have cool cars here... GTs, V6s, S195s, fox bodies, fastbacks, coupes, verts, Bosses, etc... They are all cool! I love going to Mustang shows and seeing all of them!!! Yeah, right now I got a 6... someday I may get a GT... maybe a GT500, or maybe another 6???

And holy smoke screaminyellin6!!! That ROCKS! where'd ya get that SC????:green
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