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Originally Posted by snogoldi
I have had only positive comments about my 2006 Mustang with the V6 Pony Package. The only negative comments are coming from GT owners on this forum. You Guys should be Ashamed!!!
Well, here's a GT owner who is still on the side of *Mustang* owners. I like them. I hope Ford makes a ton of Mustangs and finally pulls their head out of their butts and stops making Limited Edition cars. If everybody likes them... sell one to them. I want a Ford GT. I have always wanted one. When I saw they were only $140,000 I thought "Gosh, I'll take two! Right."

Making more Mustangs?

It saves Ford and in the long run, there are more aftermarket parts for all of us and more junked cars for us to pick through, in years to come. I hope they put a 4.6 in everything dangit! How popular is the Chevy 350? Ask any kid in America if he has heard of that engine. Then ask all those kids what's in a Mustang. [blank]

I can beat anybody's crappy Ford stories.

I have a Taurus too.

1 transmission, every 20,000 miles. POS!!!!

However, I love my Mustang. People talk to me everywhere I go. People come looking for me, asking in restaurants and grocery stores... "Is that your Mustang?" I'll hear them coming asking other people, before they get to me.

I'll tell them anything they want to know about it. I'm glad you V6 guys like yours too. I love the way they look and I love that it is inexpensive enough that people can get into modding them also. Your only regret will ever be that your car might not go as fast. Someday, however, a few mods can change that if you want Nitrous, a tune and gears will put you right with the GT guys.

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