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In some other post I had mentioned that I had had been trapped and beaten by a carwash, much in the way a spider snares insects. Here's how it went down.

I pull into the carwash, slowly, like the sign says. I've neve really done this before, so I just pull forward straight like I've seen others do. Simple enough, right? Suddenly my car hits something hard, like a barrier in font of me. No idea what it is. I go a little farther, and the entire right side of my car lurches up. Ok, so thats bad. I pull out, very carefully, and go back in, and the same thing happens, despite my best attempts to avoid whatever it was I hit. It looked like some black thing under the tires. I go up, the car lurches completely to the left side again, I get very worried, start to back out, I can't. The light on the carwash changes to red, and things start groaning and hissing. Now I'm panicked, so I throw it into the reverse, the car starts fishtailing in place everwherere, so I stop that and try everything I can to get the car straight. I get stuck. , at a 45 degree angle in the carwash. The moving cleaners, those hulking pieces of metal, start to move forward towards me. I can only watch and cover my eyes as it goes past, hits my fender, stops, and then pushes forward and scrapes the paint off the side of my car. By some miracle I was able to straight up after this, and get out of the carwash as soon as I could.

Then I felt sick and proceeded to panick in the parking lot. The scratch wasn't *too* big, thankfully, and isnt very noticable with touch up paint on there- but the right side of my bumper is pressed in just a centimeter. Its not very noticible, but its not flush with the fender.

So, overall, can't tell. Only I know the signs of my shame.

Does anyone know what those black blocks in the middle of the carwashes are for?
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