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Originally Posted by ssoss
I'll go spark one up just so I can live up to my new nick-name and it will help me have more patience dealing with your boring elementary school name calling.

If some rich guy was gonna buy you a Mustang, wouldn't you get the Foose or something? Why did you get the lame Mustang GT? Or, outside the Mustang family, you could have had the Ford GT 500. Admit it (implying you are in denial), it's an upgrade for you. You have apparently gotten the wrong car, I'm afraid. You really wanted a better car but you have settled, maybe it's because you don't make enough money or you are just not that bright? "Let's be honest" is a term that implies that we weren't being honest to begin with. I've always been quite honest about occasionally wanting a GT, though I'm still not certain if it's a better car of just more expensive. I have tested out the new Stang platform and I like it. Next time around, if I have the dough, I'll probably buy the GT, but I'm a little concerned about the reliability of the GT. Are the aluminum engine parts more susceptible to warping then my iron engine? The tranny seems mushy and disconnected from the driver. Depressing the clutch is like crushing a giant marshmallow. The engine noise (as well as the exhaust note) seemed rather loud in the cockpit, and I did not really get a feeling of that much more power when I test drove it - admittedly 'cause it was crappy weather, so I really didn't get a chance to punch it.

You rained on my parade when you implied I was dishonest about wanting the car I bought and buying the car I wanted. The thread started out with "How Do You Take The Heat?". As someone else already said, I get only compliments, except here in these forums where some idiots with the GT occasionally must make themselves feel better about blowing more money on their vehicle.

My internet alter-ego is in full swing here, and that's not likely to change, so if I want to call your questions or statements stupid, I will. Or perhaps "antagonistic", "useless", "boring", or "immature".

You're the one who sounds sensitive. Take a Valium or something.

Ding. End of Round 2.

thank god you just proved to everyone what a idiot you still miss the point of my statement you lame lil queer and you have the mushbrain to insult the mustang gt in one line and admit you want one in the next...ssoss youre a joke and you need help...i was all set to write a stingin rebuttal to you but damned if i cant make you look any dumber than you just did yourself...good go suck on ya mom some more and leave the discussion to the men puppy.
ding ding ding..somebody wake this ***** up....
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