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Originally Posted by 05PONYCAR
Hee hee hee hee... You men are so funny!

All I know is that my '05 V6 is gorgeous and HOT (especially since I changed out her grille for the '06 Pony Package kit)!

I'm 48 flippin' years old (but my looks would have you guess much younger ) and I have men, women and young kids compliment my baby at gas stations, in parking lots, at stop lights, etc... No one has ever said a bad word about her.

You men are SO damn funny when you get all competitive and defensive! :kooky:
My gf has the same car (5 Speed/Manual) and I did some stripes for her, tinted the glass with embeded ghost flames in the tint. In my gallery, hers is the redfire, mine was the White. I since traded the white vert for a 2007 that is waiting to be built.

Most people "non-Mustang people" :thumbsup have no clue of Mustangs, so no one knows the difference, they look at appearance.

To few to mention, actually to lazy to
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