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Here is an idea
Bore & Stroke 3.8 to 4.4L (
Lightweight and forged internals
Blueprinted engine work (fully balanced)
Lighweight flywheel
Wilder cam to allow the engine to rev into the 6000+rpm zone
lightweight valvetrain components (Rockers, titanium Valves, etc)
Ported heads with large valves (1.94 - 1.6) or more
extremely ported or aftermarket intake
Complete exhaust with longtube headers, X pipe, etc
Compression 12:1 (might work with 93 octane)

The theory behind such a build is: all the HP is at the top RPM range. But you install gears to compensate the lost low end power. The trick for a high reving engine is WEIGHT, internals and valvetrain have to be lite to allow the engine to rev high.

Think of a Honda S2000, it packs a 2.2 liter engine that delivers almost 240 HP. So you are looking into getting 100+ HP per liter.

We are talking about a world-class build job and expensive valvetrain using titanium valves, keepers, retainers.

The theory is there, the problem is finding someone willing to get the job done.

Rob Hernandez, AFM co-Founder.
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