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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
yeah and i'm not sayin your car doesnt rock john but dont even attempt to try that supercharger install yourself and like sin said...that extra 3500 you thought you had left is gonna go pretty quick on the peripherals...see heres the deal..a v6 engine can be modded to take down a gt pretty easy but a gt engine can be modded to take down a ferrari...i know this like i know how much you can do with a v6...i own a 2000 v6 stang(the original nghtrnnr) and a 06 v6 runs with the big boys and i still trot her out and race her just to screw with the fox gt guys and the sn95 gt guys but when its time to really rock i pull the cover off the 2006 gt.

Actually I think the Eaton is a very straight forward install... especially if you know anyone that is fairly mechincally inclined. I would be pretty comfortable installing that one in my driveway... So I'll stick by $4500... LOL!

Now of course the other option is N20... I was doing really well on the 100HP shot... I got stupid/greedy on the 125HP and popped a piston (Hey, no guts, no glory! LOL!) So for only a $1000 you can get a very nice Zex setup and be in the low to mid-13's... Best ET on the 100HP on street tires was 13.3...

As far as extras, performance-wise, i think the main difference is the track-lock... the V6 has an open-diff.. and off course my V6 has no rear sway bar.... I also realize the GT has a 8.8 vs the V6 7.5... but that hasn't been an issue so far... LOL

Of course I realize the at GT can be modded and made to clean my clock... BUT if I had decided to spring the extra $8000 for a GT I seriously doubt I would have done any modding...

As it stands I've spent about $8000 on my car, including mistakes like I'm on my 3rd muffler, 2nd CAI, etc.... So for that $8K difference I can run with the lightly modded GT's and I have a very personalize car... Pretty much stands out in the crowd! LOL!

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