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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
thank god you just proved to everyone what a idiot you still miss the point of my statement you lame lil queer and you have the mushbrain to insult the mustang gt in one line and admit you want one in the next...ssoss youre a joke and you need help...i was all set to write a stingin rebuttal to you but damned if i cant make you look any dumber than you just did yourself...good go suck on ya mom some more and leave the discussion to the men puppy.
ding ding ding..somebody wake this ***** up....

Originally Posted by ssoss
My point, which you obviously missed entirely, is that the statement you made that got me a little riled up, which in turn got you really riled up, was just LIKE me saying "Let's admit it/Let's be honest, if some rich guy was gonna buy you a Mustang, who would say 'Yes, sir, I'd like a GT' over a Foose or other LE model?" Thanks, Captain Obvious, you really cleared things up for me.

It's a pointless argument. But what IS clear is that you are a) a kid with a high temper, no sense of intellect, and no command of the English language, or b) an adult with a high temper, no sense of intellect, and no command of the English language.

So far, you tried; "sparky", "lil *****", "sensitive lil *****", "idiot", "lame lil queer", "mushbrain", "a joke", "puppy", "this *****", "jacknuts", and of course no "stingin rebuttal" would be complete without "suck on ya mom". Of course the forum censored much of your illiteracy out so we can only guess as to your real feelings...

Heheheh, this has been quite entertaining. Perhaps you missed your calling as an Adam Sandler or Andrew Dice Clay impersonator?

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