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Originally Posted by PTLM4LIFE
i could not disagree more with that statement...if you are a car guy..your ride is who you you mod it is a reflection of your personality..every car i ever owned was a v8...i think that goes back to what you learn growing know when nobody thought about gas prices...the whole idea behind the 1st muscle car(64 gto) was to cram a v8 into a light 2dr cp... nobody had a v6 in the sixties did they??lol..oh yea the mustang...but that car was designed to be cute and economical(till shelby got a hold of it)..there's nothing more depressing at a car show than seeing a nice looking muscle car, then you walk up to it and find out its a six..for a $150 more in 1968 he could have got the v8, wheel package, stripes and 4:11 gears..i look at collectability too..i just think the gt will always be worth more and 25 years from now i don't want some punk ass kid coming up to me at a car show and saying "jeez old man, you could of had a gt for 8k..what were you thinking??"
Dude.. you seriously prove your ignorance with every post. Since you are supposidly a Pontiac person what about the sprint 6's they were around in the 60's and very sought after today.

It is obvious by all of your statements they you have some serious insecurities if you have to have a V8 engine to 'prove' you are some kind of 'man' .
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