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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
Slight OT...

RebelTX what do you think of the Kenwood 8405 amp (4x60) to drive Polk db471, or equivalent Boston's ? I already have these speakers in (BAs in doors , polks in rear) but have been looking for a good, clean more or less entry level amp. I don't care about blowing the doors of or thumping. Just a little more punch and clarity. This is with a Shaker 500
I'm thinking you meant Polk DB571's... If so then yea, that amp would be an excellent choice. For the Boston acoustics if you running something like the SC65 you will be good. Maybe fade your output to the rear a touch if you listen to it loud. Just because the SC65 is rated at 50watts at 4 ohm and the amp puts out 60 watts.

I'm not sure what kind of power the factory unit puts out. Might want to check before buying just to see if this is worth it.

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