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Originally Posted by Red99Stang
ok...well im not exactly sure how much im planning. my plan for the future is all this gear stuff, then suspension, then maybe a chip, but probly not a whole lot past that. almost 100% sure it wont go over 300. is that enough info? or do u need more exact? i think right now im at around 210 or 215....does that sound right? and i dont think i use synthetic only 16 so i never choose what i get (i know that sounds bad but hey...) and i have an auto that i wish was stick but oh that enough information?

what is all that stuff i asked about anyways?
you need a programmer, or you have to pay the dealership to recalibrate. Otherwise you'll burn out the transmission -it's computer controlled.

If you use synthetic fluid, you don't need the friction modifier. You'll also get better gas mileage.

If your goal is 300 hp, go ahead and pick up the girdle.

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