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Hey there TOP DOG...(DEYSHA).. so I went to my dealership today 2 1/2 drive,and when we went for a ride with the service advisor in the car he said yes there is a problem here. When we got back to the dealership, he told me that there is no fix for the vibration,and that it's normal? Well he told me that a year before for the same problem...Vibration.Now my question to you is someone trying to fix this problem??? Is planning involved in this are they awear of this problem????Someone at Ford should be addressing this issue, as I think your just fluffing us off with this problem!! I spent 35-36000 on my car , well I didn't expect this and other have spent much more to only to have the same problem...Can you at least tell us where we are with this issue, for we all want to know...What can you do Deysha to help us with this problem....
I reviewed your case and this is being investigated, fhonaizer. You will have to keep contact with your dealer for any updates. However, I still recommend you get a second opinion at a different Ford dealer.

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