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Question Still Unsure of Removal/ reattaching of the rear spoiler for 02 GT

I am trying to find out how the fastening screws fit together when attaching the rear spoiler to the trunk. I didn't plan on this, but I have to put my rear spoiler back in place-- after popping it off (3 of the 4 screws were jarred free from the spoiler) when I accidentally caught the spoiler on the garage door while backing up in to the stall. Three of the four fastening screws were disconnected from the spoiler, leaving it held on by just one of the remaining fasteners-- which I manually disconnected.
Although the look is not too different without it-- actually looks pretty cool-- I would like to put it back in its place asap, especially before it rains.
So, here are my questions: Is it possible to re-use the same fasteners, or is it necessary to get new ones? And how does this type of fastener fit together? I tried fitting them into the spoiler first, but was unable to-- maybe due to prior use and some damage to the spoiler where the fasteners should be connected. Then I was going to just re-attach the spoiler to the trunk, but it wasn't that easy. If anyone could provide me with step-by-step instructions (and maybe some pics) explaining the best way to re-attach a rear spoiler-- including how the fasteners fit together-- I would greatly appreciate it.
Any advice would be helpful and might prevent a trip to the shop to have a "professional" take look at it.
Thanks for your time,
Philly Jax
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