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Originally Posted by reekostang
I've yet to see anyone mention one of the most important differences between the v6 and the V8-the SOUND!!!!!! Heads turn when the GT starts up, and when the 6 start up, or goes whispering by, yechhhh!!!! Noooo bottom end, no matter what mufflers/headers you put on a v6, still NO BOTTOM END(NO BALLS)
How about you drive a 1976 Corvette Stingray, Or a 1979 Trans Am, Or a bone Stock 1979-1981 V8 Mustang.

No bottom end, no top end, 0-60 in 9 seconds.

Heck for that matter, drive a Ferrari 308 . . .

The Comanche Eliminator with the 4.0L I6 beat the same year Corvette in just about every category.

Ever race a GNX?


Won't even go into the BMW Mers with regard to sixes, or the Slant Six from Dodge.

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