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Originally Posted by 1stmustang
Yep once again you prove your ignorance. They were straight 6's man you really don't know anything about cars do you? Let me guess you are one of those that goes and buys a car because it is pretty and has a big motor... right? I have personally seen sprint 6 cars go for a whole lot more that a v8 counter part. Oh and just a side note sprint 6 cars were actually faster than the 326 cars.

Lets see if you were comparing comperable cars "straight 6 fire bird and trans am" you might actually have a valid argument but a tempest and a trans-am are not compareable one is a low end and the other was the top end of it's kind.

Now I really think you should go read a book or two on cars because you really are clueless. You may want to go check your mustang becasue I am not really sure you know the difference between a v6 an a v8 at this point.

So obviously YOU need to check up on what you are talking about.
Looks to me like he was referring to this post.

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