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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
kscoyote, that brings to mind somethin i was thinkin ever since 2000 when i bought my v6 stang...and yeah...the only reason i bought it was i couldnt afford the insurance on the gt back then...anyway i've always been really bothered that the v6 stang is so damn weak in comparison to what other car makers get from their v6 stang in its stock form was being smoked by maximas...accords...jettas...dont even get me started on what porche and bmw do with a v6...shame on ford for makin one of the weakest v6 engines ever to sit in a car...hell a taurus sho can outrun a v6 stang and ford made it...whats up with that?
except maybe the 140 hp 5.0L?

If they made a 6 with the same 250 hp as a VR6, the 3.5L Maxima, and other special edition cars that cost 10-20,000 more -why would anyone buy the GT? It would have nearly as much hp, weigh less, handle better, and likely cost more.

Sorry the VR6 Nissan 3.5L. etc., can eat a pre-99 GT for lunch. Some of them will take a 99-04 GT.

But those are flagship cars. No standard Accord, Jetta, 1.8L Turbo, etc. will take a Mustang 6. If they did, you don't know how to drive. The SHO cost TWICE as much as the Mustang LX 5.0L when it was made.

Heck, a little turbo 4 banger can take em . . . SRT4, WRX STI, EVO. Lotuses,

I can go on, but comparing apples and oranges is an exercise in futility.

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