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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
why dont you do like i told ya?...give it a hell...whatever know what?...your car is the best in the world...i bow before the majesty of the mustang v6...if god himself could drive car it would be the mustang are the most awesome car driver and car buyer ever...i wanna be just like you when i grow many times can i say its not about you or your car but i'M not happy with the stock mustang v6...thats all i said...enjoy your car...i didnt buy it...i'll enjoy mine...(he acts like i smacked his lady or somethin)
Because we've been through this already.

Guess what? your 25000 GT is slow compared to my 68!

Both the Cougar AND the Mustang.

I paid 1750 for the Stang and $2000 for the Cougar.


Your car is an expensive poseur. A POS. A Wannabe 1968 Mustang. A Retread. A fraud!

Why would you get a GT when a 2003 or 2004 Cobra would whup it?

Shoot, for the same money, I could whup ya in a 1978 KING COBRA!

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