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Originally Posted by kscoyote
Because we've been through this already.

Guess what? your 25000 GT is slow compared to my 68!

Both the Cougar AND the Mustang.

I paid 1750 for the Stang and $2000 for the Cougar.


Your car is an expensive poseur. A POS. A Wannabe 1968 Mustang. A Retread. A fraud!

Why would you get a GT when a 2003 or 2004 Cobra would whup it?

Shoot, for the same money, I could whup ya in a 1978 KING COBRA!

you paid 1750 for the stang in 68? awesome!!!! 2000 for cougar? radical man....seeeeeeee....i told all you guys he was the coolest....i bet you could run rings around me in your sounds soooooo cool and my gt is so slow and stupid...we should race...i'll run to my car and you can hobble your old ass to yours...and maybe see...but shucks...i'm just too intimidated by your i hate my stupid slow and expensive poseur of a car...darn s197 mustang gt
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