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Originally Posted by MustangHarry_94
Idk coyote, i dont think an 8.8" is over kill. I thought about building my 7.5" rear end, but then i did some shopping and found someone that had a wrecked 95 GT that had 3.73 8.8" in it for $200. It took me a while to find this but if hes smart about it he can save money and have a better rear end that can take more abuse like axle hop.

And when im running 65 out the interstate my tach is less 2500 so its really not that bad even tho my gas mileage ate the dust.
I've never replaced a rear on the newer cars, but the 65-68's were a PITA.

Shoot, sometimes the springs, after having the load off em would shift, and you'd have to mess with those, or replace both, - Total PITA.


Around here, it's a popular swap, so junk yards charge a premium.

Unless you have the tools, you're gonna have to invest in those as well . . . but if you've go the time, tools and ability -can't hurt. and you can throw on a power adder at a later date with NO worries whatsoever.


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