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Originally Posted by ssoss
I think the point is that the S197 V6 is a "bullet proof" motor with lots of low-end torque that is differentiated from the GT by less displacement then any previous years' designs, but with modest constraints in power oriented engineering designed to maintain a low sticker price and leave it in the perfect position to be modified by the already thriving aftermarket enthusiast crowd.

So at stock it's designed to be a modest performer, so as not to intrude on the market for the GT, no?

I'm willing to bet the Civic SI motor is for the most part maxed out already at stock. The vehicle weighs a fraction of the Mustang, so comparing them is like comparing a V6 to a motorcycle with 2 cylinders and a seat, that can beat the Stang. When you buy the Mustang you are buying the steel as well as the performance. It's light enough to be fast and heavy enough to kick ass.

Instead of showing you a 6 cyl engine with LESS power, it would be a fair contest to compare maximum output achieved vs. cost per vehicle in the same weight class.

Would you really drive an SI?
I would think that the V6 could have 280 hp, and there would be people that know the the SOUND of the V8 is just as important as the look, wouldn't you agree? Can anyone tell me they prefer the gentle whisper when the V6 starts up as opposed to the growl of the V8? I love getting into my 'Stang and starting her up, and watching heads turn and smile as they acknowledge the sweet sound of that engine! Maybe as a two time Emmy award winning sound fx editor I place more importance on the sound than the average bear, I don't know.....Anyone else love the low end growl of the V8?
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