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I have the manual 05 GT and an auto 06 V6 vert. My wife got the V6 because she said she didn't want the power or louder sound, and wanted better gas mileage to/from work. She was a little afraid of the V8 power.

Now, playing both sides of the isle, my wife said to me yesterday that after driving the V6 for a couple of weeks, she kinda wished she got the bigger power of the V8! I told her so! And when I mentioned the louder sound of the V8, she said she wouldn't really mind that either. Aargh! She's killing me!

Either way, these are great cars and the vert is fun to drive. If she wants more power, we can put in a supercharger on the V6 to bring it up closer to the V8 stock.:thumbsup

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