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Originally Posted by reekostang
When comparing cars, you have to compare STOCK, that's the only fair way, obviously. As far as you not caring about the sound, I now understand where you are coming from. Hey, you should support Buick, they make really nice quiet cars for seniors, sounds perfect for you. Go pop an O'douls non-alcoholic, and marvel at the greatest Mustang ever built-yours!!!:thumbsup
If I had a choice between car that did 0-100-0 in 4 seconds was light on its feet, and sounded like a lawn mower, -or one that sounded like a harley, that was styled in yesterdays suit, and weighed a ton, guess which one I would pick?

I'd go Buell over Cruiser any day of the week. Ducati's are awesome.


Poseurs unite! Reekster needs you! Reekster is the Leisure-Suit Larry of AFM. Somebody get him an Si with a recording of v8 exhaust. He won't know the difference -it sounds good!


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